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I am a Northern Ireland based Personal Stylist, Colour Analysis Expert and PowerStyle Coach, empowering you to reach your business, professional and personal goals through colour and style.

Colour and Style are two powerful tools that can be used to boost confidence and well-being. I firmly believe that when you look good, you feel good. You have the confidence to show up, to be visible and assertive so whether you are speaking to a crowded boardroom, meeting a client or speaking at an event, you have the power to express yourself and reach your goals, without worrying about your outfit choice and how you look!

As a PowerStyle Coach and Image Consultant, I can equip you with the skills and knowledge to dress for success. I can introduce you to your PowerColours and demonstrate how they can be used effectively to communicate a message about you and your personal brand. I can show you how to style your PowerColours so that your outfit gives you presence and visibility. Together we can create a signature look that is modern, fresh and suited to you and your lifestyle. You will have the skills to shop successfully in a mindful way, meaning that your purchases are intentional, planned and considered, eliminating shopping decision-fatigue and saving you time, effort and money. As a PowerStylist I have expertise in crafting capsule wardrobes that are effortless, authentic and suited to your lifestyle and budget.

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The PowerStyle Plan

Identify your signature style and build an effortless capsule wardrobe that you love. This package will make you the confident, stylish woman that you deserve to be.

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PowerColours Consultation

Discover your unique PowerColours. Learn how to use them to communicate your personal brand message.

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Ideal for anyone who wants to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion or would like a wardrobe overhaul. Personal shopping can be tailored to your requirements and budget.

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