Discover the shades and tones that suit you best with a Colour Analysis. Colour has the POWER to transform your confidence, personal brand and wardrobe.

A PowerColours (Colour Analysis) consultation is truly life-changing. Wearing your PowerColours will ensure that you look radiant, well-rested and healthy.

But what if I told you that they offer so much more?

PowerColours give you presence and visibility. If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner or a coach, they can be used effectively to communicate your brand message and ethos, making you identifiable and recognisable within a crowded marketplace. PowerColours when incorporated into your personal style and signature look, will ensure that you look professional and presentable. They will guarantee that you look the part and that you are communicating the right message to potential clients about your standards and competence.

Similarly, if you are a professional and you want to look put-together, polished and visible in the workplace, OR you simply want to look your best, even on casual days, a PowerColours consultation is an invaluable investment . You will learn how to create outfits that make you stand out, for all the right reasons. If you are working online, wearing colour can be used to captivate and influence your audience.

Colour has the power to create a gut response in the observer, meaning that you can use it effectively to communicate your message.

So, if you want your team to trust you, you want to demonstrate empathy to a client or you want to energise and motivate a group, colour can be used to achieve your goal.

Colour is a key element of every signature look and it has the power to elevate every outfit, for EVERYONE. It boosts mood and well-being and it enables you to create a cohesive wardrobe that works for your lifestyle. When you discover your PowerColours, including your best neutrals, you will have the skills and know-how to combine colours and build outfits that truly reflect you and your personality.

A PowerColours Consultation is included in Step 1 of The PowerStyle Plan and includes makeup advice, a personalised colour wallet with 42 of your best shades and an insight to colour psychology and how you can use it to influence and achieve your goals.

What to Expect

PowerColours Consultation

2 Online Zoom sessions (1st session (30 mins) followed by 2nd session (60 mins).

• Brief explanation of the PowerColours process.

• Advice about how to wear ‘your’ colours in a stylish and modern way so that your look is in harmony.

• Advice about hair colour, make-up colours and tones that will make you look radiant. Also includes a personalised make-up shopping list.

• A Personalised Colour Wallet, that you can use as a guide when shopping for clothes (worth £65)

An overview of Colour Psychology and how you can use it to achieve your business, professional and personal goals.

PowerColours Consultation (Worldwide)
1 1/2 hours
£247 / $330

Research has shown that colours affect our mood and emotions. Colours that you choose to wear can also affect how others perceive you. As part of your PowerColours session I will explain the meaning and psychology behind the colours you wear.

Perfect for days when you want to feel energised or relaxed, optimistic or calm, this insight and knowledge will leave you feeling empowered and ready for success!

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