It’s true what they say;

“You only get one chance to make a good first impression”

And that impression needs to be top notch! It needs to truly reflect you because as harsh as it may seem, people judge you, your competence and your professionalism by how you look.

In an OfficeTeam study, 80% of managers claimed that how someone presented themselves greatly impacted their chance of promotion.


This package is for you if;

You are the face of your brand/business and you want to look the part because you recognise that this will bring you more clients.

You understand the importance of personal brand and want to invest in your wardrobe to elevate your style and image.

You feel that your lack of style and confusion about how to dress everyday is holding you back and preventing you from reaching your goals.

Hybrid working has left you confused and unclear about how to dress everyday.

Whether you are presenting at a conference, meeting a client or attending a networking event, your image and personal brand speak a thousand words about you.

Your potential clients, employers and others in your network are deciding if they want to work with you and if you are going to deliver for them and while this might seem shallow, how you present yourself significantly impacts first impressions.

Creating an impactful signature style means that you can sprinkle your unique personality into every outfit meaning that you leave a memorable lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they notice the woman”
Coco Chanel

Step 1

Discover & Identify YOUR Signature Style

Getting to Know you

Prior to the session, I will send you a questionnaire. This will give me more information about you, your current wardrobe challenges, your vision and your ideal look.

Discover your PowerColours & become visible

Colour also plays a significant role in your personal brand and how others relate to you. Working online, attending networking events or meetings, with lots of other participants can leave you feeling invisible, but if making an impression, standing out and having presence is important to you, colour and how you wear it is the key to success!

Using the tonal colour analysis session, I will identify your best colours including neutrals. Includes a personalised colour wallet with 42 of your best shades. These will underpin your signature look and capsule wardrobe, creating an image that is memorable, modern and authentically you. Includes make-up advice and a complementary personalised make-up shopping list.

Gain confidence with a Body-Shape & Style Analysis

Gain clarity and confidence dressing everyday. Instantly recognise your most flattering shapes and styles and understand the key to balancing proportions. Identify your style personality, explore your tastes and preferences and discover the tools to creating an authentic signature style that reflects your personality, lifestyle and goals.

Identify your Signature Look

Together we will craft a style that works for you. Taking inspiration from Pinterest & mood boards, we will spend time exploring and creating an image that truly reflects you, your values and your personal brand. Each signature style is completely unique and individual. By the end of this session you feel inspired, excited and ready to start creating your effortless, signature look. Includes a personalised guide with details of everything discussed during the session.

Wear Colour & create fabulous outfits

Learn how to combine colours and textures to create eye-catching, effortlessly styled outfits. The dream of every woman I have ever worked with – to look put-together with minimim effort. This session is a game-changer! Never again will you feel stuck and unsure how to pull it all together! This session also includes an detailed insight to colour psychology, helping you to communicate a message about you, your personal brand or business. So if you want to energise and motivate a team, feel more confident or you want clients to trust you, colour plays a significant role on a subconscious level. In this session, I show you how!

Includes a complimentary Wardrobe Edit guide.

STEP 1 is a total of 4 hours by Zoom. Two sessions each lasting 2 hours.

Are you ready to discover, identify and LOVE your Signature Style?

£527 / $757


By the end of Step 1, you will have;

clarity about your signature look and personal style. The ‘I don’t know what to wear’ days will be eliminated.

the confidence to excel and showcase your talents

the POWER to set your mind on your goals and ACHIEVE them

an image that truly relects you and your personal brand

a look that is striking, impactful and authentic

the tools to shop with confidence and the ‘know-how’ to pull it all together and create fabulous outfits!

a more mindful approach to shopping – saving you time, overwhelm and money

This service is available WorldWide.

£527 / $757



For the ultimate PowerStyle Transformation,


Step 2

Your Effortless Capsule Wardrobe

Read more here

What my clients are saying

‘Catherine Jackson is the power stylist that every executive needs in her corner. She takes second-guessing out of style and makes it into a fun adventure!. I recommend her highly’ Chitra Ragavan

‘Every professional needs Catherine’s help. Catherine has a wonderful communication style and personality. It’s a personal and vulnerable thing to let someone into your closet and your life. Catherine is compassionate as well as talented’ Madeline Mann


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