Red is everywhere at Christmas! Fairy lights, Christmas bobbles, holly berries and even Rudolph’s red nose. It’s a colour often associated with love, energy and passion but at Christmas it’s jolly and fun! Often people choose to wear red during the festive season, but how comfortable are you when it comes to wearing this vibrant, eye-catching shade?

There is a full spectrum of reds to choose from. From pillar box red, to burgundy, wine to mulberry, coral-red to tomato red, there’s a shade to suit everyone! So what should you consider when choosing a red garment for your wardrobe?

How do I know which shade of red is best for me?

Red is a primary colour that sits beside blue and yellow on the colour wheel. Some reds will have elements of blue and will be ‘cool’ while others will have yellow components and will appear ‘warm’. Cool-toned ladies will look fabulous in blue reds. Burgundy, wine and ruby red tones will look rich and luxurious, allowing cool skin tones to look radiant and healthy. Tomato red, coral & scarlet will look striking and alluring on those with warmer skin tones.

But if red feels too hot to handle, you can still inject some colour and festive fun by following my tips below.

  • If head-to-toe red is too much for you, try adding denim or leather to give it a casual look. A red top or blouse in a flattering shade will add brightness and radiance to your face while jeans or leather trousers will keep your outfit fresh and modern.
  • Try mixing it with neutrals! Add a crisp white shirt or a neutral toned blazer to a vibrant pair of red trousers or skirt and hey presto! Colourful and stylish for your next meeting!
  • Pink can be worn as a softer alternative and can look amazing on cool skin tones but for colour clashing at it’s finest wear with red for maximum impact!
  • Consider adding red accessories to a neutral outfit. A pop of red will add interest to a classic look. Try a red bag, an eye-catching pair of boots or a statement pair of earrings!
  • For instant glamour, wear a red lip! A red nail polish will keep your look elegant and chic.

Here are my favourite red pieces from online stores & the High Street!

Baukjen Aileen dress £71 (on sale)


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