Simple Oufit-Building for Summer!

Marks & Spencer dress £29.50

Take one simple, tunic-style linen dress and create many looks for Summer!

So what’s so good about this dress?

Firstly, it’s made from a mix of linen and viscose, so cool and loose for warmer days.

It’s a fantastic style for many body-shapes. The V-shaped neckline is perfect for anyone with a fuller bust or broad shoulders as it breaks up the top half and prevents you from looking too top-heavy!

It has sleeves. Great for those who are conscious of their upper arms.

It’s a great length, not too short. Apply some tan and you are good to go!

It’s a fabulous neutral shade that suits everyone! And there are other colours available. So, all in all, its a fabulous dress!

How can this be styled?

The styling of this dress is dependent on many factors. Height, body proportions and style personality will all need to be considered, but it is very versatile. The absence of a waist-line means that it will be flattering on those who have more curve in the tummy area. So if this is you, keep it simple. Add a pair of wedges, a great pair of earrings and a straw bag and you’re ready for anywhere!

Wedges Jones Bootmaker £89.99

Choose a neutral colour like the ones above for maximum styling options. Alternatively choose a colourful pair for a bit of drama.

Marks & Spencer £29.50

If you have a slender/athletic body shape, you could add some definition to the waist by adding a belt like the one below.

Zara £32.99

For ease, choose a colour scheme. I’ve chosen tan here but you could choose metallic accessories or colour pop with orange.

Marks & Spencer £15
Marks & Spencer £29.50

This oversized linen shirt, also available in white, could be styled over the dress. Roll up the sleeves, tie at the waist or button up and belt. This will add a new dimension to this dress and create a new outfit. Style according to your dimensions and body proportions and if you are unsure what suits you best, book a style consultation with me and I will guide you with this.

Layer with a blazer, denim jacket or trench. Choose one that fletters your skintone and body proportions. If you have more curve on your top half, a single breasted blazer or trench will be more flattering. Style your trench with the sleeves rolled up and the belt tied to the back. This is a Summer wardrobe must-have! So versatile and easy to style. If you are petite, ensure it doesn’t swamp your frame and remember that trench coats can be worn at hip length, mid thigh or longer. This one below is perfect for petites or those who prefer a shorter style.

Marks & Spencer £49.50

This longer length one is an investment buy, classic and gorgeous!

Jaegar at Marks & Spencer £250

Or alternatively, layer a denim jacket for a more casual look.

Hobbs at Marks & Spencer £99

Choose a denim jacket like above. Shorter styles that are slightly fitted will create the illusion of a waist and will be more flattering than looser boyfriend styles, particulrly if styling over this dress. If you fancy adding a pop of colour, opt for one like this below.

Marks & Spencer £35

I hope this has been helpful and that it has provided you with some styling inspiration for Summer.

Catherine x